CO2 Monitoring

Instrument designs, online data capture, data analysis. Focus on assessment of indoor ventilation and greenhouse growing conditions.

Concept: CO2 Lending Library

Description of a 'lending library' approach to distributing and using CO2 montiors for assessing indoor ventilation.

CO2 Monitor Field Instrument Designs

'Free and Open Source' software and hardware for DIY CO2 monitors -- using off-the-shelf components, and designed to be relatively easy to assemble.



Server Recording CO2 Data Online

A simple NodeJS + Express + Postgres server for collecting data online via HTTP POST.

Example of Artisan's Asylum CO2 feed from Feb 18 to Mar 7 2021 here.

Jupyter Notebook-based Data analysis

Analyzing the decay of spikes in CO2 in order to assess the air change rate in a space.